About Stephen Leung

St. Teresa’s Hospital | PMP, Project Management | CMS, eMR, RIS, PACS, Electronic Health Record eHR, Enterprise IT


  • Project management experience including resources planning, defining project schedule, monitoring project status, assigning responsibilities to the project team, communicating with project stakeholders to ensure requirements are met
  • Have lead all stages of System Development Life Cycle including user requirements analysis, technical (including database) design, application development, system testing, implementation and support
  • Have successfully implemented RIS and integration to PACS at X-Ray and Scanning departments of the hospital. This changes the patient registration from manual to a computerized process. This also facilitates the integration of request ordering in Ward System such that wards can request services from these departments electronically. The integration with PACS and viewing of radiology images electronically helps to implement a filmless hospital which reduce the cost of developing films and is more environmental friendly
  • Have successfully implemented the Pharmacy Top Up System to streamline the replenishment process of frequently used drugs between various departments, wards and Pharmacy. Pharmacy has complete picture of stock level of drugs in various departments and wards. This facilitates planning of re-ordering of drugs and charging to these departments and wards
  • Lead the implementation of CMS Adaptation Modules, provided by Hospital Authority along with the Electronic Health Record (eHR) initiative, at St. Teresa’s Hospital. This saves hospital’s resource to develop the same functionalities in the Hospital Information System (HIS) and will ease the integration of HIS to eHR as common structures and standards defined by the eHR initiative are followed
  • Involved in the implementation of the Clinical Management System at various hospitals within the Hospital Authority.


Project Management, System Analysis, Business Analysis, IT Application Design and Development, Database Design, Enterprise Architecture, System Integration and Implementation, Hong Kong eHR, eMR, CMS, RIS, PACS



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