UHD Alliance will define the future of TV

The UHD Alliance is made up of content creators and distributors, post-production companies, and consumer electronics companies, including Samsung, Sharp, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros., Dolby Vision, Technicolor, DirecTV, and Netflix. This group will define standards for Ultra High Definition (UHD), from the cameras that capture the scenes, to the screens we watch them on. With all this big names, it looks like things are going to happen, unlike 3D TV. These are the changes in standard we can look out for:

  1. Wide color gamut
  2. High dynamic range
  3. Medium to deliver UHD, e.g. streaming or by UHD Blu-ray

Like a geeky Illuminati, the UHD Alliance is deciding the future of TV today